THE AREA is an innovative space near the center of Milan available for shootings, castings, commercial movie, presentations and workshop.

The area has a different vision of the space with a minimal architecture mixed with the industrial style, with an eye always focused on the last technologies to give the best experience to our clients.

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Our Space
The Area is an open space of 300 Mq. The photo studio is 11x14Mt with a Cyclorama of 7X5Mt, a relax area with a small bar (fridge and tea/coffee machine) always open for our guests, bathroom, a smoking area and our exclusive rooftop completely free for a shooting.
We have a daylight space and a big LED window.
cemento calcecrudastudio muro cemento
studio arruggunitoironicmuro grezzo studio
cyclorama limbo theareacurva limbolimbo legno cyclorama
Area Cyclorama
Area Factory
Area Calce Cruda

Our big white Cyclorama of 7X5Mt 


Our rust wall of 7X3,2Mt created with a special paint that reacts to the humidity of the air, giving the possibilities to have a different and unique style every time!

Our concrete wall of 4,2X3,2Mt built with a special mineral composition, perfect for the creation of a modern style and raw at the same time.

Our equipment

Included in the service, The Area offers to our clients:

4x Flash Elinchrom BRX 500W/s

1x Octabox 150cm

1x Beauty dish 70cm White + Grid

1x Strip-box 50x140cm + Grid

3x Square Softbox 70x70cm

3x Octabox 56cm

1x Flash reflector 18cm  

5x Flag panel 2x1mt Black/White

Super boom Manfrotto, flash stand, boom tripod, trigger Elinchrom, reflective panels, translucid umbrellas and paper backgrounds of 2,72x11mt in different colors

(or other colors on request).



Included in the service you will find a Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth audio/radio, 2 large Make-up workstations, a Styling table, a steamer with brushes and  stenders dress with clothes hangers.


Any extra equipment may be provided on request.

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